Love's Work Reading 23 February 2023, 6 PM Galerie Molitor, Berlin

Galerie Molitor is delighted to announce a reading to mark the conclusion of Love's Work with

Edna Bonhomme

Jesse Darling

Erin Honeycutt

Ghislaine Leung

George Lynch

Maxi Wallenhorst

Edna Bonhomme is a historian of science, culture writer, and editor based in Berlin, Germany. Edna’s essays critically engage with how people navigate the unsavory and unwieldy states of health—primarily how people contend with contagious outbreaks, medical experiments, reproductive assistance, and illness narratives. She writes for a range of publications and her first book, Captive Contagions (One Signal/Simon & Schuster) which examines confinement's role in fostering and hindering epidemics, is forthcoming.

Jesse Darling is an artist and poet based in Berlin. In sculpture, installation, drawing and text, Darling destabilizes dominant narratives propped up by the likes of ideology, religion, mythology and politics, exposing a fundamental precarity in any claim to coherence.

Erin Honeycutt is a writer and bookseller based in Berlin. She writes poetry, reviews, novelizations, and other texts often in collaboration with artists. As CUTT PRESS, she makes underrepresented books available.

Ghislaine Leung is an artist and writer based in London. Her work revolves around the contingencies of art’s context. She works with scores in a mode of production she terms “constitutional critique”—or an inquiry into “how we internalize institutions and constitute, in bodily terms, their written and legal industrial design [and] the negotiation of rights.”

George Lynch is a writer. She lives and works in London. Recent publications include Fieldnotes Journal, Oxford Poetry (Partus Press), FBDN (Sticky Fingers Press), and Datableed.

Maxi Wallenhorst is a writer living in Berlin. Apart from dance dramaturgy, translation and art writing, Maxi works on dissociative poetics in capitalism. Recently, essays appeared in e-flux journal and in Elif Saydam’s Two Cents (Mousse, 2022). In progress: A transvestite romance set in a half-allegorical 20s Berlin.