Margaret Raspé, Kondensation (1984) Acquired by German Bundeskunstsammlung June 2024

We are thrilled to announce that the German Bundeskunstsammlung has acquired Margaret Raspé’s Kondensation (1984). An independent committee of experts decides on purchases for the Federal Art Collection at three international art fairs annually. The collection is available for loan to public institutions and museums and also hosted for display at a rotation of German museums. Raspé described what would become one of her most significant installations as such: “I was looking for a metaphor for pressure, for a scream and for a form of expression condensed in the picture plane [..] When the work was activated, there was a kind of performance concert: the pressure of the boiling water piped out of the spouts in screeching tones, spewed vapor onto the panels, dissolved the water-soluble pigments and whistled out images through the condensation of steam onto the panels until all the kettles were empty: Projection in process.” — Margaret Raspé