Zaplatanie Created by Ewelina Węgiel, Wojciech Kosma, Monika Błaszczak, Jess Zamora Turner at Rixdorfer Höhe, Hasenheide, Berlin 16 October 2022, 5 PM

Zaplatanie is a secular folk rave ritual public performance. Centered around the metaphor of braiding it is an invitation for reimagining meaningful and intimate co-presence with the human and non-human world. Over 20 dancers will be joined by live musicians to create a continuous hypnotic 40 minute piece that draws from the contemporary dance vocabularies, traditional Eastern European folk songs and dances, communal ceremonies or outdoor pandemic parties. The performance will be staged at Rixdorfer Höhe, a postwar rubble hill in the Hasenheide Park, with a large-scale textile sculpture produced especially for the occasion as its central element.

Kindly supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.